June 20, 2008


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… you know, I have always enjoyed the way that LeeAnn’s mind worked…. hell, many of us have enjoyed her for YEARS on the internet……. but it is posts like this one right here that bring it all back home……

…..Look! A baby wolf?!…… you are still the Mistress of Cheese, ma’am….. baby wolves or not…… I wish I had been standing in line behind you when you said that…… priceless….

I Feel It’s My Duty to Pass This Important Health Warning On To You

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PRS readers have come to expect the best. (sorry, Jimbo isn’t back – that’s not the news)

People, I saw this headline and I KNEW I couldn’t let down Jim’s loyal readers.

Thongs wearers ‘damaging feet and legs’

Of course it all depends on the meaning of “thong”.

June 18, 2008

Because We All Know PRS Is Your First Stop For Tech Talk

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I thought this would be the appropriate place to pass along the latest…

Firefox 3 Download Day falls flat on face

It’s all in the serve and Mozilla had none today.

June 17, 2008

Jim Said I Could Post Here Nyah Nyah

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So I’m posting a link to
something that makes me smile today
. Do scroll down to the HATE-Bee poster, which is just ever-so-grand.

June 16, 2008

What a Smashing Idea

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Okay, so I was just watching Top Gear and I’m still laughing… When I recalled Jimbo’s descriptions of our current Presidential aspirants… because it rather flows with the Top Gear theme if you think about it. Then I ran across this headline:

Village re-elects dead mayor

Now I’m thinking, What a Great Idea. Let’s reelect Ronald Reagan.

How did I get from Top Gear to Ronald Reagan? Only Jimbo could manage to write a post that would pull these things together and make them seem quite reasonable. I don’t know how he does it.

June 15, 2008

Stop the Presses!

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N.J. tomatoes declared safe to eat

I’m assuming this is because everyone in New Jersey already has toxic levels of chemicals in their body and therefore it kills off the Salmonella before it even begins.

An Interview with Jimbo’s Great Farookin’ Hair.

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It’s not often that one has the opportunity to speak with a living legend. It is my honor and privilege to bring you this transcript of a candid discussion with Jimbo’s Great Farookin’ Hair.

The Hair is notoriously reclusive, but we managed to tempt him out of hiding with the offer of a vintage Vitalis.

Elisson: GFH, you’re looking great, as always. How do you do it?

Jimbo’s Great Farookin’ Hair: Aw, ya don’t hafta butter me up. Just because this is the first interview I’ve had in, what, ten years or somethin’? Anyway, I’ve been trying to take better care of myself. Gave up the Vitalis years ago (well, except for tonight.). I mean, you feel great for a little while, and then the buzz wears off, leaving you with this greasy feeling… Now it’s just a little Selsun Blue very morning, coupla swipes with the ol’ brush, and I’m good to go.

El: I hear Jimbo likes to use a special brush.

JGFH: Oh, no doubt about it. It’s one-of-a-kind. Cost him half a year’s salary, and you know that’s gotta be a bundle, him bein’ a Legal Eagle and all. It’s made of the little hairs that grow around wolverine anuses.

El: Wolverine anuses?

JGFH: Yeah… and you have no idea how hard it is to make them little bastards sit still while you tweeze it outta their asses. You gotta tweeze it, ’cause you need the whole hair, follicle and all.

El: I’m… I’m speechless.

JGFH: For once, huh? [laughs]

El: We all know how proud Jimbo is of you. Always shows you off. Never wears a hat.

JGFH: Well, can ya blame him? Seriously, I’m honored that ol’ Jimbo is so proud of me. No damn fedora for him. Er, ahhh… no offense.

El: None taken. You know, every few years, those old rumors surface… you know, that old story that you were a Mossad agent back in the early 1970’s…that you were responsible for nailing Abu Merang, the Australian-Arab terrorist. First time anyone ever got “pouched”… it was both beautiful and terrifying.

JGFH: I can’t really talk about that stuff. It was a long time ago, put it that way. I didn’t always just sit on Jimbo’s cruller, ya know.

El: Anything you can share with us? Jimbo’s away in Hawai’i, and he’ll never know…

JGFH: Well, there is one thing…

El: Don’t tell me… [rolls eyes]

JGFH: You mean you know about the colander?

June 12, 2008

Because You Need to Keep Up With All The News That’s Fit to Print…

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I bring you some relevant headlines from today’s news…

Here in Massachusetts we too have intense political situations that require HEADLINES!!!

Gov.’s Daughter Says She’s Gay

This is vital news people! You should… well I’m not sure what you should do or why you should care, but obviously we should… something, because it’s a HEADLINE!!!

Then you see some compassionate teaching!

Teacher Gives Class MCAS Answers Before Test

Isn’t that the kind of teacher we should all have! She was only trying to help.

Just when you thought Massachusetts might not be doing all it can do to combat Global Warming (cue Organ Music!)

Mass. School Buses About To Get Greener

Aren’t you feeling cooler already? No, it’s not just because the temperature dropped when the storms came through… what are you thinking?

But here I am talking about Massachusetts and I know what you really want is the New Jersey News!

Will he or won’t he? I’m sure all New Jersey is waiting with bated breath for the answer to this incredibly pressing question…

CNN’s Lou Dobbs mum on run for NJ governor

C’mon Lou!!! Quit holding out on us.

I’m quite sure the Wiseass Joo-ette will have a few things to say about this one:

Officials test for chemical vapors in NJ neighborhood

See, it wasn’t Jimbo!

This should make Jimbo smile when he returns.

Poll finds NJ voters unhappy with Corzine, state budget

I can hear it now. “Told ya so!”

But just in case he thinks things are changing…

Public workers in NJ charged with stealing gas for own cars

New Jersey business as usual.

Now, aren’t you glad I’m here to keep you up to date!

June 11, 2008

Aloha? Oy.

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I will give an honest try-ee
To tell you of Blue Hawai’i,
The land of lava, leis, and lomi-lomi.
For Jimbo has gone there,
With his Great Farookin’ Hair,
Which is thick enough to snap your av’rage comb-ee.

Oh, the girls (grass-skirted, brown),
Will attempt to lay you down,
If you quaff enough of all them yummy Mai-Tais.
And they’ll really start to school ya,
And commence to dance the Hula,
The better for to bounce their perky Tai-Tais.

You’d best keep it in your pants
When the ladies start to dance,
For to monkey with the locals is forbidden –
Lest you be caught by the Wife,
Who might go and grab a knife
And Bobbitize the part of you that’s hidden.

June 10, 2008

I Found The Keys on The Front Porch

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So I thought I’d peek in and tell you all why Jimbo REALLY left town. It’s not for a smashingly great trip to Hawaii, it’s not to see old buddies and play music… no, this is why:

Crocodile trapped in surf off SC barrier island

Steve Bennett of the Department of Natural Resources told The Post and Courier of Charleston that the crocodile likely escaped or was released by someone who illegally brought it from its normal habitat in southern Florida.

A likely story… we all know they are coming to get him and Jimbo took off like a bat out of hell, left his keys lying around and everything. Can’t say I blame him, next one you hear about will be in Maryland. You wait and see.

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