August 6, 2008


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What could possibly go wrong with this proposition…
Surcharge could fund NJ State Police patrols

The Democrat wants to tack a $40 surcharge on all motor-vehicle violations.

Half the money would be used to help towns pay for State Police patrols. The other half would go to towns that have full-time police department

All you peeps who live in New Jersey, get ready to be ticketed for anything and everything including any incremental speed over the posted speed limit. With a $40 per ticket bounty… I’m seeing the headlines now

New Jersey – Avoid Driving There At All Costs

or even

New Jersey – Rent A Chauffeured Limo While Visiting – Save Money

Good thing it hasn’t taken effect yet or Hairboy and the Usual Suspects would be in for a rude surprise on the drive home after their vacay.

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