August 25, 2008

Permit Me a Bit of Meandering.

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1. Wouldn’t you love to hear what the Hillary-Bill Duo and the Obamas really say about each other in private?

2. Seems to me that if the Democrat Primaries, instead of the Democrat Convention, kicked off today, Obama wouldn’t have a shot, and that must drive Hillary and Bill absolutely bonkers.

3. I’m tired of the “Guilt by Association!” meme. I figure that knowing who the person seeking the most important job on earth has associated with in his life and the nature of those associations is at least relevant (i.e. it is of some value to a voter in making a decision) and is, at best, extremely important. For instance, how many people have you befriended who have bombed federal buildings?

4. There is some buzz suggesting that Bruce Springsteen and Jon Bon Jovi will perform at Barack _______ Obama’s Nuremberg RallyAcceptance Extravaganza. Reportedly, each will do a couple solo acoustic tunes. Two New Jersey gazillionaire celebrity douchebags (with more than one house each, I’d bet), singin’ for the common man.

I plan on watching the Democrat Convention, at least until I feel my dinner traveling north.

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