August 26, 2008

Barack on Music … Bonus Surprise Guest.

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PRS Operatives were able to get a few minutes of Senator Barack __ Obama’s time while he was taking a break from preparing for his appearance at the Democrat Convention.

PRS: Senator Obama, do you have time for a few questions?

B_O: I’d rather not. I’m on a protein bar break.

PRS: It will just be a few questions, and no politics. I promise.

B_O: No politics?

PRS: That’s right. No politics. I wanted to ask you a few questions about music.

B_O: OK. I like music.

PRS: Great. You’ve anticipated my first question, which is, what kinds of music do you like?

B_O: Let’s see … I like classical, jazz, New Age, hard rock, soft rock, oldies, pop, soul techno, disco, Motown, big band, folk music and rap. Oh, and don’t forget country. I really love country music.

PRS: Country? I’m a little surprised ….

B_O: What are you tryin’ to say? Because I’m bl——-

PRS: No! I just figured you being from Chicago and all. I didn’t think country music was big in Chicago.

B_O: I have been an avid country fan for years.

PRS: Great. Most of America is into country music. What is your favorite country song?

B_O: That’s easy. My favorite is that song “Goofy.”

PRS: “Goofy?” I don’t believe I’ve heard of that one.

B_O: Sure you have. It goes, ”Goooofy, I’m goooofy for feelin’ so lonely. Gooooofy, I’m goooooofy for feelin’ so blue.”

PRS: Crazy.

B_O: What?

PRS: “Crazy.” The name of the song is “Crazy.”

B_O: Oh yeah, right. It was written by Merle Nelson. He’s fantastic.

PRS: No, that would be “Willie.”

B_O: Oh, right.

PRS: Any other favorites?

B_O: I love that one called, “I’m A Opie from Jamokey.” I love the way Merle Willie sings that one.

PRS: Haggard.

B_O: Damn straight I’m haggard. My Hawaii vacation didn’t help much.

PRS: I think we’re about done here, Senator.

B_O: Hey, wait! There’s Joe Biden, my running mate! I’ll bet he’d love to answer a few questions.

PRS: That would be great. Senator Biden, PRS here. May I ask you a few questions about music.

Biden: Absolutely. Go right ahead. Did I mention that I invented the electric guitar? I taught McCartney how to play bass. I coached Pavarotti, and I sang the harmony parts on six cuts from the Beatles’ “White Album.”

PRS: Interesting. Thank you for your time, Senator Biden.

Biden: Hey, wait! I’ll bet I know more about music than you do,


Biden: Did you know that I wrote “White Christmas” and “Stardust?”

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