September 2, 2008


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I have endured the savaging of Sarah Palin and her family by left-wing bloggers and the MSM for a couple days now. It has sickened me.

If you want to question her experience or lack thereof, fair game.

If you want to question her record, fair game.

If you want to question her past associations, that’s fair game too, as I believe past associations are relevant, even though questioning such things about Senator Obama is claimed to be charging him with “guilt by association.”

But, probing into the contents of Governor Palin’s womb, her “reckless” pre-natal behavior, her decision regarding the birth of a child, or piling on her seventeen-year old daughter is just plain disgusting.

Look, this is just a silly blog, and what I think doesn’t matter. Moreover, I have no desire to feed trolls or to argue online with strangers (If I wanted to do that, I could do it in a saloon and enjoy a beer at the same time). I’ve decided that the one concrete thing I can do to combat the lunacy of the past few days is to make a donation to the McCain campaign.

So, that’s what I did.

Maybe I’ll be back tomorrow, when I feel slightly less ashamed of what so many Americans have become.

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