September 23, 2008

Plain and Simple.

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Hoosierboy provides a lesson in economics in plain English. Here is a sample:

Businesses do not pay taxes.

The role of a business is NOT to provide jobs. That is a fundamental understanding you must possess. Let me repeat that. The role of business is NOT to create jobs. The role of a business is to make money. A business that does not make money for its owners will not be in business long. You should look with a sceptical eye when a Presidential candidate says he is going to create jobs. If the business that employs those workers cannot make money, there will be no jobs.

The Government, and I mean the Local, the State, and Federal Governments, only provide jobs and pay public workers by taking money from all workers and redistributing it. The Government does not make a product, sell a product or generate profit. It gets its money through taxes. It takes our money. Patriotism has nothing to do with it. If you are one of those people who thinks your new local park, road, Government Building was free because the Federal Government paid for it, you are an idiot. You paid for it, I paid for it, people in Arkansas and Indiana and Ohio paid for it. All of those roads, buildings and bridges in West Virginia — Robert Byrd did not provide them. Your money — taken from the wages due you — paid for them.

Read it all, dammit.

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