September 6, 2008

More From the Three Olives Peeps.

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I figure I’m a gottdamned prince. Or, maybe a test pilot of sorts. After all, I’m the one who puts U.S. currency and possibly my liver at risk by buying all kinds of vodka and tasting them so that you can make an informed purchase. It’s rough, but it’s a mission I have voluntarily undertaken, and a man’s gotta do what a man’s gotta do.

A week or so ago I was in the liquor store, and I saw that Three Olives (the folks who brought the world Three Olives Chocolate Vodka – the magic elixir) have some new offerings. Seeing as how my mission, on that occasion, was to stock up on Three Olives Chocolate Vodka (one should never run out), I made a mental note to get busy tasting the new stuff. I got around to buying and tasting two of the new ones: Three Olives Triple Shot Espresso Vodka and Three Olives Root Beer Vodka (You see both here.)

Triple Shot Espresso Vodka.

Unlike the other Three Olives flavored varities, which are crystal clear, Triple Shot Espresso vodka is the color of – you guessed it – espresso. And it tastes just like – you guessed it – espresso. I love it. I drank it straight from the freezer and also over ice, and it’s excellent both ways. Much like the chocolate vodka is just chocolaty enough, the Triple Shot Espresso has just enough espresso coffee flavor so as not to taste like sweet coffee liqueur (e.g. Kahlua), but it still packs the vodka whallop.

Bonus: If you like coffee, but you are one of those No-Coffee-After-Five peeps because it will keep you awake (I’ve never had that problem), have a couple three shots of Three Olives Triple Shot Espresso in the evening. I guarantee you’ll have no problem sleeping.

Root Beer Vodka.

Root Beer Vodka? Yeah, I admit that I was a little sketchy about how this would work out. I started drinking root beer when I was a mere squirt. My mother worked nights, and my dad would go out to the store and pick himself up a quart (or two) of Schaefer Beer (“The one beer to have, when you’re having more than one”), and he’d buy me a big bottle of Dad’s Root Beer. We’d hang out together drinking our respective beverages out of our favorite mugs and listen to records (one of his, then one of mine) or watch television together. Maybe play some guitar. Wonderful times they were.

Perhaps that’s why the idea of root beer vodka seemed particularly strange to me. But, being a vodka swashbuckler, I threw myself on the grenade and tried the stuff. Turns out, it’s damned good. Like other Three Olives vodkas, this one can easily fool someone into thinking, “Hmmmm …. delicious. I think I shall drink lots of it,” resulting in the person speaking in tongues.

I don’t think I’d want to drink it all night (although I easily could), but it is an interesting taste treat, and is to be recommended to those who really are not booze lovers (provided they are suitably warned).

Next, I’ll pick up a bottle of Three Olives Tomato Vodka and let youse guys know how it is. I’m thinking BREAKFAST DRINK!

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