September 30, 2008

My Math Skills are Sub-Prime.

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Carl Brannen of “Mass” has been a regular reader of PRS for some time now, for which I am most grateful. When a reader is also a blogger, I always check out the reader’s blog. As such, I have been keeping an eye on Carl’s blog for a while now. Here’s the thing. When Carl is speaking English, I like his site. A lot. But Carl often speaks a language with which I have always struggled – and that is the language of MATH.

Check out this post. Yikes!!

I sure wish I packed the gear to understand that stuff, but I harbor no illusions about what I can and cannot do. It’s a bit like knowing that I shouldn’t mess with chainsaws or wrestle with alligators.

When I was in college (a year or two after the Cro-Magnon Man discovered chopped chuck) I thought of myself as a pretty smart guy. That was until I bumped into CALCULUS. Yes, Peeps, I learned that I wasn’t so smart after all and that calculus was my intellectual master. I broke my ass studying four to five hours per night merely to pass the course. I recall how my knees were buckling on the way to the final exam. My gag reflex fires up even now just thinking about it.

So, I tip my hat to Carl and welcome him to Mr. Blogroll (albeit a dubious distinction). Perhaps Bou or Elisson, one of these days, can translate some of those ciphers for me.

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