January 1, 2009


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Not surprisingly, last night’s dinner with the Usual Suspects at a local bistro, followed by a get-together at Casa de Bodyguard and the Deckmistress, was an unqualified success. Adult beverages were consumed at both venues, leaving me slightly ragged around the edges today.

”Yo, Jimbo, that’s very interesting, but what does it have to do with the title of this post?”

Okay, I’m getting there. I already said that I was a little fuzzy today.

So, while spending the bulk of the day alternately reading and nodding off., I did notice that I had an annoyingly painful hangnail on one of the fingers of my right hand and a teeny, but also annoyingly painful cut on my left thumb (Don’t remember how I got it). Upon noticing the former, I said “Ow!” and I said “Ouch!” when I noticed the latter.

That got me to wondering what people say in other languages when they discover annoying painful hangnails and teeny but painful cuts. A quick trip to the internet revealed that others before me have asked this burning question. As usual, the internet does not disappoint.

For the rest of the day, instead of saying “Ow!” or “Ouch,” I will say “Aray!” which is what the peeps in the Philippines say.

So ends this most illuminating post.

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