January 9, 2009

I’m Not Worthy.

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I had jotted down a couple notes about something to write, but I shall not take up your valuable time with whatever I may have had in mind. Rather, you should use the time you would have spent here reading my nonsense to check out V-Man’s latest. Fresh from winning the coveted, albeit snot-nosey, Hewitt Award given by Dandy Andy Sullivan, V-Man is at it again, with a vengeance

Here are but a couple samples:

[A] Leftist does not possess the courage of his convictions, merely the courage of his emotions. And mere emotions, tempestuous and mercurial, are best reserved for high school locker rooms and little girls’ tea parties, not the arduous work of maintaining a civilization. That is adult work, for which the average Leftist is ill-prepared.

How and when does the Leftist lie? Constantly, and insatiably. In the foolish puffery of global warming. In the ridiculous and shrill evisceration of abstinence and morality training. In the lack of acknowledgement of the existential threat of Persian madmen. In the see-no-evil absolution of terror against Israel. In the rejection of traditional education in the primary and secondary system. In the corruption of the university system, where Socrates has been displaced by Stalin, and healthy debate is traduced and punished if it does not conform to the current orthodoxies. In the lying denunciation of concern over illegal immigration as racist outrage over all immigration. In the insane hatred of a viable missile defense system (what person other than a raving lunatic could abhor simple self-protection as if it was a premeditated first strike?). In the castigation of our current economic woes as the result of unbridled capitalism when it is in fact the result of gross regulation by Congress via unsound business practices greased by criminal payoffs to the Democratic overseers in sordid receipt of said payoffs?

Go now and read it all. I mean it.

That is all.

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