January 5, 2009

Barack calls Leon Panetta.

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It has been widely reported that President-elect Barack ___ Obama will nominate former Clinton staffer Leon Panetta to assume the leadership of the CIA. PRS operatives managed to obtain a transcript of the telephone call from the Office of the President-elect to Mr. Panetta in which Mr. Panetta was advised of his appointment.


Leon: Hello?

B_O: Leon? Barack Obama here. How are you?

Leon: I’m fine, Barack. How are you?

B_O: I’m doing well, Leon, but it’s “President-elect Obama,” not “Barack.” OK?

Leon: I apologize, Mr. President-elect. What can I do for you?

B_O: I’m calling because I want to offer you a position in my administration.

Leon: Excellent! What do you have in mind, Mr. President-elect?

B_O: I want to nominate you to be the Director of the CIA.

Leon: Director? I like the sound of that, but what’s the CIA?

B_O: It’s the Central Intelligence Agency, Leon.

Leon: Oh, right. I’ve heard of the CIA. What is it they do over there?

B_O: I’m not completely sure myself, but I think it’s spy-type stuff.

Leon: Wow! Like the 007 type stuff?

B_O: Yeah. You know … guns and cool gadgets and shit.

Leon: Awesome! I’ll take it. Thanks!

B_O: Cool.

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