July 9, 2009

Nancy’s Tweets.

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PRS Operatives, ever on the lookout for the inside scoop, have managed to gain access to Nancy Pelosi’s Tweets. For those of you not familiar with reading Tweets, the most recent entry is on top. Here is a sample:

pelosi SpeakerNan Where the f**k is the Domino’s guy?

pelosi SpeakerNan I just felt my own ass. OMG it’s awesome!

pelosi SpeakerNan Then there was the time with Jefferson Airplane and the Wesson Oil. Freakin’ awesome!

pelosi SpeakerNan Did you know that I loved Jim Morrison two times? It was in a car parked near Fisherman’s Wharf. It’s true.

pelosi SpeakerNan Publisher of my book called wanting 2 charge me to dispose of 3 truckloads of books. Prick, I asked him how he would like an IRS audit. LOL

pelosi SpeakerNan Just farted and it sounded like a blender does when you drop some really thick shit in it while it’s running. Cracked me up.

pelosi SpeakerNan Speaking of my kitty, damned thing itches. What’s up with that?

pelosi SpeakerNan Franken will fit right in around here. The day he was sworn in he came to my office and asked if he could touch my kitty. Smart boy.

pelosi SpeakerNan Listening to bootlegs of the Dead, while doing some herbal inhalation therapy, if you get my drift.

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