July 16, 2009

A Washington Waste of Space.

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I received a Newsletter from my Congressman, who regularly runs unopposed in this Gerrymandered congressional district. I thought I would share a few of the gems in the Newsletter.

In bragging about voting for the “Porkulus Bill,” he states:

“The law [the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act a/k/a “Porkulus”] is expected to create or save 3.5 million American jobs, including 100,000 here in New Jersey. This plan makes an important investment in our economy by providing much needed resources for roads, bridges, mass transit, flood control, clean water projects, and other infrastructure projects.”

Ha! I guess this went to the printer before the good Congressman realized that the administration finally had to back off the “create or save” baloney. The 3.5 million job figure is damned near as comical as the “100,000” jobs in New Jersey. I know several out-of-work people who would love to find just one of those 100,000 jobs. Roads, bridges, flood control projects? Where? Not anywhere around here that I’ve noticed. The Waste of Space should learn not to just copy and paste The One’s bullshit talking points.

“There is an emphasis on ‘green jobs’— that is, jobs that help promote cleaner air, a healthier environment, and the development of solar power and other alternative forms of energy while decreasing our dependence of foreign oil.”

Hell, maybe all those windmill and solar panel factories are being built in some other part of the state. I know some folks who would happily work in a windmill factory. I wish he would have given a phone number.

“To help ensure that taxpayer dollars are spent wisely and effectively, the Recovery Act also contains unprecedented accountability, transparency measure and strong oversight measures.”

Well, that’s downright hilarious. Besides, this is farookin’ NEW JERSEY. The slugs in Trenton and their political pals are drooling at the prospect of boatloads of “free money.”

A part of the Newsletter contains a short constituent survey. All of the questions are of the variety, “How much do you love the President and the Congress?” However, one question leaped out at me:

“Would you pay higher taxes to receive free health care?”

I damned near busted a gut on that one. Free health care? Free? This is coming from a grown man, who managed to get himself elected to congress. Free? The part about “higher taxes” is also a scream. In major portions of his Gerrymandered district, probably 90% of the people pay no taxes, and they are already getting what, to them, is “free healthcare.”

Oh, and the Waste of Space sent this to me using the franking privilege. Well, waddya know … FREE MAIL!!!

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