July 30, 2009

Bits and Pieces.

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Some quick hits, because I’m too ragged out to write anything more complicated.

1. I know that my friend, the Joanster, has a case of the ass with Jersey Peeps who move to Florida, so I wonder if she had something to do with this.

2. Recently, The One came to Jersey to lend his support to Governor Corzine, who, so far, is not faring well against Chris Christie, former federal prosecutor. Turns out that The One could just as well have stayed home. Sweet.

3. Who ya gonna call? Dipshits.

4. Preemptive Refusal: Just in case The One was considering inviting me to the White House for a beer, this is to let him know that I’ll be sure to have something else to do on that day.

5. Prince Charles inspects the troops.

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