July 22, 2009

A Day in Da Bronx.

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Yes, I spent the day at the new Yankee Stadium watching the game. It was not, however, your average day at the ball park, because I was among those who were guests in one of the luxury suites. I took the above cell phone picture from the outside part of the suite.

The inside of the part of the suite is a large air-conditioned room with multiple tables and video screens and an endless supply of snacks (peanuts, popcorn etc.), and open, well-stocked bar. We were also provided with an excellent buffet lunch, which, of course, included real stadium hot dogs, which was followed by a large selection of gourmet desserts. The section of the stadium that contains the suites has the atmosphere of a hotel, rather than a ball park.

It is definitely a civilized way to watch a ball game.

Bonus: The Yankees won.

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