July 15, 2009

Stop, Dammit.

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A short while ago, congress passed a huge “stimulus” bill, which turned out to be little more than a massive pork distribution to political allies and which has done absolutely nothing to slow the economic plunge the country is experiencing. Then the House passed the 1,300-page (including the 300-page Amendment that was revealed on the day of the vote) “Cap and Tax” bill, which was not read by a single legislator.

Are you OK with that?

Now, the same idiots are poised to pass a bill that will kill our existing healthcare system by turning it over to the geniuses in Washington (who brought you the aforementioned legislative turds) to determine who gets what care, who gets what medicine, who gets to see a doctor, who gets treatment and, essentially, who gets to live and who gets to die. And, oh yeah, it will cost a King’s ransom, but don’t worry; the “rich” will foot the bill.

The healthcare bill will surely top 1,000 pages, and the bastards want to pass it NOW. Does anybody other than those who have been squirreled away in Washington conference rooms drafting it know what the hell is in the bill? I don’t, and I’m confident that Mr. and Mrs. American sure as hell don’t know either.

No doubt, before the ink is dry on the healthcare bill, congress, with the help of pro-illegal immigrant groups, will get busy on an immigration amnesty bill, which the rats in congress will also not read, but they’ll break their collective asses to ram down the public’s throat. It means more democrat voters and more union members.

Oh, and the thousands of pages of those bills are just the tip of the iceberg. These legislative gems are “enabling statutes,” which means that they will each unleash legions of bureaucrats (who are elected by no one) to get busy writing tens of thousands of pages of federal regulations to implement the commands of the statutes. Every one of those tens of thousands of regulations will have the force of law.

It’s clear that this is an all-out frontal assault on America as we have come to know it, and I don’t know about you, but I’m fresh out of tolerance for this crap.

I fear that by the time that Americans realize what hit them it will be too late.

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