September 3, 2009

Firefly Comes to Jersey!

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firefly-vodka-2Some time last summer, the Joanster wrote about a new vodka experience – Firefly Sweet Tea Vodka. Being a vodka hunter and dutiful vodka sampler and reporter (too many links to include – go to the search box and search “vodka” – zoiks!), I was dying to try it. A month or so later, I was in Tennessee with a group of hopeless reprobates bloggers and former blogger Zonker brought a bottle of the stuff and even gifted me and Ken, my bodyguard, with a few bottles to take home, each sip of which I savored.

Since that time, I lamented the general lack of availability of the excellent libation in the Garden State. Recently I learned that my mondo liquor emporium of choice has begun to carry it. Not only to they carry the regular Firefly Sweet Tea Vodka, but they also carry all the Firefly variations on the theme: Raspberry Sweet Tea, Lemon Sweet Tea, Mint Sweet Tea and Peach Sweet Tea! (Check out the link above – turn your speakers on.)

Be still, my farookin’ heart!

As I write this, my freezer boasts a bottle each of the regular Firefly Sweet Tea Vodka, Lemon Sweet Tea Vodka and Peach Sweet Tea Vodka. I have “sampled” all three, and each is simply MAHvelous. It is great poured over ice (only CLEAR ice, of course) or mixed with a bit of seltzer.

In these times when each morning’s news seems to bring me a fresh kick in the stindeens, learning that I can buy this 100% American elixir a mile or so from the House by the Parkway brings me a bit of joy.

A Note to Jersey Peeps: “Sweet Tea,” a product of the South, is not to be confused with its pale, and weaker cousin known to us and every diner in Jersey as “Iced Tea.” No, “Sweet Tea” is supercharged, heavily sweetened tea that is drunk plain, over ice, and it’s very good. It would go great with a Taylor Ham and Cheese on a Hard Roll – something not yet appreciated in the South.

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