September 28, 2009

President Nero.

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OK, we have Iran shooting off missiles that can hit Israel and American bases in the Gulf. We have The One’s Administration, having already seized a major portion of the auto and banking industries, engaging in a full-court press to seize one sixth of the U.S. economy in the name of socialized medicine universal health care, and we have the commander on the ground in Afghanistan (appointed by The One and with whom The One has spoken with one time) asking for more troops.

In some alternate universe perhaps it makes sense that, at this time, The One and his wife will be winging off to Denmark – yes, Den-farookin’-mark — to pitch Chicago as the next Olympic venue.

I got to thinking about other things The One might do while the world crumbles around him, rather than spending just a teeeeeeny bit of time actually doing the job of being the President:

A get-together with Hugo Chavez, Fidel Castro and Vladimir Putin to discuss the arrangements for the May Day Celebration next year on the South Lawn.

An audition for a gig with “Dancing with the Stars.” I figure he’s a lock.

A trip to visit Blago to remind him what’s in it for him to keep his fat mouth shut.

The rearranging the sock drawers in the White House.

A trip to England to ask how much the Queen loved the iPod and really loved His speeches.

A meeting with congressional leaders to discuss the government takeover of the fast-food chains in order to allow a Fast-Food Public Option in order to stimulate competition and lower the price of a Big Mac.

A meeting the with the NEA architects to discuss plans for the Barack Hussein Obama Tabernacle and Library.

The videotaping of a reality program entitled, “A Week with the Most Awesome First Family EVER” to be run on the networks in prime time and 24/7 on NPR.

Every day with this guy brings a brand-spanking-new kick in the stindeens. I don’t know how much more of this crap I can take.

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