September 20, 2009


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I came upon this on my morning groundpound. Yes, it is an abandoned public phone thingy, which has been used as a trash receptacle by one or more pigs. The photo (I apologize for its lack of clarity – cell phone pic) does not show the other trash on the ground in the immediate vicinity of the phone thingy.

Let me set the scene and describe what most certainly happened.

The phone thingy is located at a bus stop. One or more pigs obviously bought their victuals at the convenience store, which is approximately twenty paces from the phone thingy. They carried their meals the twenty paces to the bus stop and consumed them, presumably while waiting for the bus.

After finishing their meal, they decided that the trash can that was approximately fifteen paces from the phone thingy was just too far to walk. So, the pigs decided to foul their immediate area, knowing they would eventually be taken away from the scene on a bus, thereby leaving their shit for someone else to pick up.

That really pisses me off.

Actually, referring to these animals as “pigs” is an insult to pigs, because pigs don’t shit where they eat.

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