September 25, 2009

Dear People of the United Kingdom:

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Seeing as how The One seems driven to continue to apologize to tyrants for the evils that America has been perpetrating right up to the day of His inauguration, I think it’s fitting that I offer an apology to the people of the United Kingdom, a staunch ally of the United States.

As one of the 40+ million people in this country who did not vote to elect an arrogant, rude and dismissive empty suit to the Presidency, I would like to apologize to the people of the United Kingdom for The One’s seeming inability to recognize who are our friends and who our enemies should be. Like you, we, as well as the many who voted for him, but now wish they hadn’t, are stuck with him until 2012.

At that time, we hope to send him off to seek other employment.

Note: Fausta also has some thoughts on the matter.

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