January 3, 2011


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During George W. Bush’s two terms as President, not a day went by without some loudmouth on the Left shrieking, “He’s shreddddding the Constitution!” Presumably, this blather was driven by what one can only assume was a reverence for the document allegedly being “shredded.”

One would think that the very same shriekers would welcome the Republicans’ stated intention to open this session of Congress by actually reading aloud the Constitution, the document which each and every elected representative has taken an oath to “preserve, protect and defend.” Unfortunately, bad sadly predictably, the Left views this as a Republican gimmick and has characterized the Constitution as nothing more than an old scrap of parchment that is impossible to understand with no relevance to the world today.

Where did all the Bush Era shriekers go?

If you are sufficiently illiterate to understand the language in the Constitution, despite its age, or if you believe the Constitution lacks relevance because iPhones and Twitter didn’t exist at the time of its creation, you should either take the time and effort to educate yourself, or stick to watching network TV shows and leave the important things to the grownups.

It’s pretty simple. If the Constitution means nothing, then the federal government can do whatever it wishes, whenever it wishes, however it wishes, to whomever it wishes. We appear to be heading in that direction.

It’s time for all Americans to shriek.

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