January 10, 2011

A Few Post-Tucson Thoughts.

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After having watched countless hours of television coverage of the event and reading numerous articles written about the horrible shootings in Tucson, I am sadly convinced that the democrat left has used this event to develop its latest talking point. That conclusion is inescapable when virtually scores of democrat pols, pundits and alleged journalists have all suddenly begun using the words “vitriol” (or similar words) and “rhetoric” in the same sentence, clearly aimed at conservatives in the media, in politics and at conservatives in general.

Apparently, the “Racist!” charge against anyone who opposes the rogues in the present administration has lost its usefulness and the new meme is to screech that vocal opposition to the present administration necessarily results in supermarket shooting sprees. Indeed, one of my idiot senators from New Jersey said that “America must not tolerate violence or [wait … for … it…] inflammatory rhetoric that incites political violence.” (emphasis mine)

Oh, wait. I just referred to a United States Senator as an “idiot.” I presume that such words will still be “tolerated” and that I’m still allowed to voice such an opinion without being accused of being complicit in the commission of multiple murders.

Two final thoughts:

1. All civilized people certainly agree that what took place in Tucson was unspeakably horrible and cannot, under any circumstances, be excused or tolerated.

2. All people who can, for one second, put their politics aside and examine the facts that have emerged so far about the killer must agree that we are dealing with someone with a rich history of mental and behavioral abnormalities (i.e. a nutbar).

That is all.

Note: It was pointed out to me by Ed that I have been spelling Tucson incorrectly. I’d like to blame my nasty cold, but it is one of those words that I believe I have been spelling incorrectly until today. Thanks, Ed.

Update to Note: I just noticed that the online version of the New Jersey Law Journal misspelled Tucson the same way I did. “Among the six dead in the aftermath of a gunman’s rampage in Tuscon that seriously injured U.S. Rep. Gabrielle Giffords was Judge John Roll, 63, chief judge …”. Maybe it’s a lawyer thing.

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