January 22, 2011

Yo, Keith! Buh-bye.

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In these economically troubled times, I hate to see anyone become unemployed, but I’ll happily make an exception in the case of Keith – the Mondo Douchebag – Olbermann. I watched him just often enough to wonder if he had any idea how very comical his “Special Commentaries” were. They amounted to little more than a spittle-drenched string of polysyllabic nonsense that might impress a fourteen-year old struggling with his essay for the Rotary Club writing competition. As for Keith’s adult (biologically speaking) fans, I figure if you harvested all their gray matter, you might just have enough for one normal brain.

I have no idea where in the broadcasting world this jackass will end up, but I confess to having a fantasy that I may someday get to look the flaming asshole in the eye and say, “Yeah, I’ll have fries with that.”

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