January 25, 2011

Speaking of Jack LaLanne …

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As you all doubtless know, Jack LaLanne passed away last week. (Elisson did a nice post about Mr. LaLanne). My condolences to Mr. LaLanne’s family.

Mr. LaLanne had a long career, which included, among other things, pitching juicers on television. (Juicers are those widgets that grind up and squoosh fruits and vegetables, turning them into mondo-healthy juices, or so we were told.) His passing reminded me of my one-time foray into the world of “juicing.” I started to write about the experience, when I realized that I had written about it five years ago. Oy! I’ve been at this too long.

Anyway, I went back and re-read the post and liked it. So, I figure that those of you who have not been frequenting this place for five years might get a kick out of it. Hell, those of you who may have read it five years ago, might enjoy reading it again. I did.

Check out “Jimbo and da Juicer.”

Note: I had to update some links. Linked by Doug Ross. Thanks!

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