January 17, 2011

Dinner at Casa Bingley.

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This past week was one for the books in which the only things more crazy than the Tucson shooter himself were the wild and irresponsible charges being hurled around by the jackasses on the Left and their friends in the media. It was positively infuriating, which is why having been invited to have dinner at Casa Bingley was just what the doctor ordered.

The drinks and food were fabulous, as was the hospitality of Mr. Bingley and his family. Ol’ Bingley is quite the chef. Other blogger guests included Fausta, Gregor and Suzette (with the oft-mentioned and most excellent Sammi). Also in attendance was blog reader and commenter, Real JeffS, who was in town from Washington State. One of the major bonuses of blogging is having the opportunity to meet and hang with the fascinating people who make the words happen in the blogosphere. We had a wonderful time.

Again, thanks to Mr. Bingley and family for providing an evening of fun to cap off a dreadful week. I needed that.

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