August 1, 2003

The High Octane Drink of Champions.

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Do those 100+ degree temperatures have you down? Do you constantly feel parched? Are you losing your electrolytes as if you were a human colander? Do you crave a no-calorie, delicious drink that is 100% natural and good for your digestive tract?

I thought so.

Your troubles are over. Have yourself a tall drink of this.

Thanks to Barbara for the link.


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As you can see, the Logo is up, no thanks to me, the technodummy.

The thanks go to the following people:

Thanks to TJ for her thoughtfulness and originality in getting me a logo for father’s day.

Thanks to Jennifer Johnson and her company onMessage Graphic Design for the design.

A very, very special thank you to Kathy from On the Third Hand. Kathy read my post wherein I vented my frustration at having a logo, but not being able to figure out to get it on the page. She sent me an e-mail and graciously offered her HTML fluency to keep me from pulling out my hair (and great hair it is) and wishing carbuncles on the person who invented HTML. She’s quite a person.

Master Sergeant John “Jack” Steele, Adjutant Professor of Law – AWOL?

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From time to time I receive e-mails asking about Sgt. Steele. I received another one tonight wanting to know whether there would be another installment in the ongoing saga of the law professor with the jump boots and the gott-damned perfect gig line.

I figured that I had better respond to tonight’s e-mail because it came from the person who, two months ago, left me speechless when he told me that his name is also John “Jack” Steele, and that, like the fictional character, he is an adjunct professor of law and a graduate of Georgetown Law School.

I let him know, and I thought I would let you know that the next installment is half on the screen and half in my head. My guess is that the next chapter, which picks up exactly where the previous one left off, is a rainy weekend or two away.


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