August 15, 2003

Hit Counter in Overdrive.

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This site having been listed among those in the Blackout Blog was responsible for sending in excess of 1,300 visitors here – for me, a very big deal. It would be great if even a handful of them would return.

It’s much more gratifying than the hits I get from Google from people looking for “rest stop sex,” and “gay rest stop sex.”

Sex in rest stops? Who knew?

Fair and Balanced?

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Well, I am “fair” (I burn easily), but I am not so sure about “balanced,” because one of my legs is slightly longer than the other.

So, sue me.

One Woman’s Trek.

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Yesterday and today, we were reminded in words and pictures of the thousands and thousands of people in NYC who, faced with the prospect of being stranded in a darkened Manhattan, opted to take the long walk home, many of them having to walk across the Brooklyn Bridge. The pictures and news stories about the wave of humanity crossing the bridge are undeniably perfect grist for the news mill. However, if those are the only things we see, hear and read, we run the risk of forgetting that each one of the people walking across that bridge has a compelling story to tell. Some of them, despite their exhaustion, still managed to write it down.

I urge you to take a look at Lornagrl and her well-told account of her “Long Walk Home.”

I cannot help but wonder whether she knew she had that much grit.

Photo courtesy of the Brooklyn Bridge Gallery.

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