August 26, 2003

Harmony Redux.

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I got a lucky today when, for a while, Acidman was uncharacteristically having difficulty thinking of something to write about. So, he referred to yesterday’s post about harmony and shared his thoughts on the subject.

His self-described, uncanny ability to harmonize perfectly and almost instinctively with his brother is consistent with my observation (hardly an original one) that family members are often perfectly built for harmony. I have no siblings, but TJ and I have been known to sing some pretty kickass harmony. Hell, we sang harmony at her wedding.

Acidman also made some excellent additions to my list: From his list, I am familiar with the following singers, all of whom he is right about belonging on the list.

Linda Rondstat, Dolly Parton and Emmy Lou Harris when they sang together (the “Trio” album – and they may have done another)
Fleetwood Mac (I always thought that Christine McVie packed more musical gear than did Stevie Nicks, but the harmony is excellent.)

Simon and Garfunkle
The Beatles (How could I have forgotten these guys?)
The Statler Brothers
The Doobie Brothers

I think I would also add the Oak Ridge Boys and the Bachelors.

Jay Solo also linked to the post, noting that he seemed to remember a group other than the Chordettes singing “Mr. Sandman” in the movie “Back to the Future.” He is quite right. The movie featured the “Four Aces” doing the song. I do not know the date of the Four Aces’ version of the song, but the Chordettes 1954 version was the big hit.

Speaking of the Four Aces, they also qualify for the list, having sung Tell Me Why, Three Coins in the Fountain and Love is a Many Splendored Thing (the best of the three, in my view).

Finally, Cousin Jack weighed in an e-mail reminding me of Crosby, Stills and Nash (and Young) and suggested that I listen to a group called the Thorns. Finally, TJ’s husband (i.e. my son-in-law) suggested that I give a listen to the Roches.

I have to stop before I keep adding more to the list.

All this talk of music and harmony makes me want to grab the Gibson Dreadnaught and head down to the Jawja Cracker Box for some pickin’, drinkin’ and harmonizin’. Musicians know that once you get to pickin’ drinkin’ and harmonizin’ even a Jersey Yankee and a Jawja Cracker are instantly on the same wavelength.

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