January 2, 2004

Interesting E-Mails.

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I get some interesting e-mails:

Someone named Susan Parra sent me one with the subject being “Re: YTTROGW, and fell alseep.”

Then there is the one from a person named Elizabeth Lucero. She wrote me about “Re: off die hilltop me te.”

Good ol’ Wilbur Pagan must have thought I was dying to read his e-mail about “Re: itself never bodes frk.”

On December 23rd, I was really glad to receive the reminder from Rufus Greene that “Christmas is near…ticzbbtxcksutaozrj.” Good thing too, because I had thought that Christmas is near..biczbbtxcksutaorzj. Thanks, Rufus.


The Grass is Greener.

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Having lived all my life in the most densely populated state in the union (where when you sneeze and guy next door says “God bless you,” or equally as likely, “Keep it down!”), and having spent a fair portion of my life snarled in New Jersey’s world-class traffic jams, I have often thought about how nice it would be to chuck it all and head for the country, preferably near the sea.

I suspect that many people who live in metropolitan areas harbor the same fantasy — the desire to leave the gut-wrenching rat race and to simplify. However, there are a host of reasons why this remains a fantasy for most of us, not the least of which is the daunting problem of making a living in the boondocks. In my case, for example, if I were to leave New Jersey and wanted to practice law in another state, I would have to sit for that state’s bar examination. Believe me, I would rather lick the men’s room floor in New York City’s Port Authority Bus Terminal than take another bar exam. Still, some folks (with more courage than I) take the plunge.

I came across a blog by a fellow in Ireland (they have traffic jams there too) who packed it in and headed, with his family, for the county (by the sea). He’s sharing the experience in “Country Living Journal – My Escape to Country Life.” I suspect that James is blessed with the “Luck o’ the Irish” and will therefore succeed, but as one can never have too much good luck, you might want to drop by to wish him well, American style.

2003 Top Ten Lists.

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There are more than a few of them around, but I particularly liked Jeff’s (Mr. Side Salad) lists, one of which he was paid to write.

I hope he was well-paid, because it certainly was well written.

Our Army at War – 2003 the Year in Photos

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A slideshow that Sgt. Hook recommended. As usual, he is on the money with his recommendation. Have a look (It also features sound).

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