January 24, 2004

It’s About Damned Time.

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We learn from Sarpy Sam, who blogs from the Middle of Nowhere, and who is my favorite cattle rancher (although he doesn’t exactly face stiff competition in that category), that Ohio is hosting a Duct Tape Festival. I’ll bet that these guys will make an appearance.

I wonder if it is too late to kick the Nobel Prize Committee in their collective pants to get them to award the Prize to the inventor of possibly the most useful product ever made.

Selling Ice to Eskimos.

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The temperature here is in the teens, and there is snow and ice everywhere — lots of ice. On many sidewalks, the ice looks like a snapshot of whitecaps on the bay during a strong wind. This happens when people walk through the slush and it freezes rock-solid that way. Walking on that stuff is horrible.

In many places on the streets (particularly on corners), the ice is several inches thick and it’s gray and ugly. I have had it with ice.

Having said that, I just returned from a slippery ride to the local convenience store, and what was the only item I purchased? Yep. A bag of ice.

Making cocktails with anything other than clear ice is, well, … uncivilized.

Call me Nanook.

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