January 22, 2004

Something to Ponder.

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I have always used Zildjian cymbals, except for hi-hats. For those, I prefer the 14″ medium Paistes.


Think Fast!!

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You’re up to your neck in shit, and someone throws a bag of snot at your head. What do you do?

New Linkage.

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I like Two Nervous Dogs, and after reading this post, I think the author and I may have been separated at birth.


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Having been busy with her new gig, TJ has found a bit of time to fire up her blog again. The subject — “Coffee Mugs.”

A Wee Dram or Two.

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Eric, the Straight White Guy, tells a great story about his First Robert Burns Night in Scotland. A bit of single malt, a fine dinner, and the next thing you know, you’re drawing your sword and leading a charge to take the Bridge at Rose Hill.

Good scotch whiskey can bring out the Robert William (duh) Wallace in a guy, especially a Marine.

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