May 3, 2004

Deadwood and Vito.

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Like Topdawg at Two Nervous Dogs, I have become a fan of the HBO series “Deadwood.” The show is about as gritty and grimy as a thing could possibly be. One can almost smell the stink coming off the unwashed people who live in this lawless “town,” which is run by the mondo evil, owner of one of the two saloons/gambling houses/brothels in “Stinkville.”

The language used by the characters is quite striking and is definitely not for the kiddies. I got to thinking that, if the name used by damned near everyone in the town to describe damned near everyone else in the town is an accurate description, “Deadwood” would be the fellatio capital of the world.

Speaking of which, what’s the deal with Vito on the Sopranos? Holy crap!!

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