May 28, 2004

Back Home Again.

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Yep, back home again, and I absolutely hate the look of the site with zippo on it. Hence, this silly post. I have about four tons of e-mail SPAM to delete, which goes pretty quickly, but I also have a boatload of comment SPAM to work on, and that takes a while.

I had expected to be home much earlier, but the weather in Newark apparently was horrible, causing our flight to remain stacked so long that we were treated to an unexpected trip to Philadelphia. As much as I like the “City of Brotherly Love,” I had not anticipated stopping there for gas.

Oh, and Continental gets a D+ in communication skills. As we were bouncing all over the place and before we even realized that we were circling Newark, a flight attendant hopped on the intercom and breathlessly announced, “We are being diverted to Philadelphia! Place your seat backs and tray tables in the upright position! I have no idea what to tell you about arrangements on the ground or about your connecting flights!”

“Helloooooo. Ms. Flight attendant…? You have a planeload of Post 9-11 people here about ready to shit themselves.”

Fortunately, the pilot must have heard this recent Flight Attendant School Graduate’s performance and got on the intercom to explain what was going on.

Anyway, it’s good to be back. I missed you all.

Now, it’s time to unpack and to turn my attention to all that farookin’ SPAM.

I also have to catch up on the Sopranos and Deadwood.


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