May 17, 2004

To Sleep, Perchance to Dream…

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After all my gearing up for the Sopranos and Deadwood, I managed to fall asleep for both shows (not too surprising after a few hours with the Usual Suspects at the Post). I did, however, catch the “west coast” Sopranos at midnight. Because I was still half asleep when the show came on, it seemed a bit ironic that the show featured a complicated dream sequence.

While supposedly getting away from it all in a suite at the Plaza Hotel in New York, Tony is plagued by dreams in which he sees lots of dead folks, ranging from his father, to several people he dispatched himself (e.g. Big Pussy and Ralphie Cifaretto), all the way to his former suicide-successful girlfriend, Gloria Trillo.

I’ve never been a fan of dream sequences, artsy though they may be. For me, they just confuse the hell out of things. Stripping away all the dream baloney, what seems clear is that Tony Blundetto’s former jail buddy (who was involved in persuading Tony B. to do the hit on one of Johnny Sack’s guys) got smoked, and Tony B sought and got revenge. Tony realizes that the shit will now hit the fan with Johnny Sack, and he seems to be contemplating the need to deal with his cousin Tony.

I was too busy trying to sort out Tony Soprano’s dreams from reality to focus on the nuggets that surely were there. I’ll have to give it another look.

I will have to catch up with Deadwood with HBO “On Demand.”

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