May 5, 2004


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Phil Collins.jpgI recently heard Phil Collins’ song “Sussudio,” which is a great tune, with a gut-grabbing drum line that holds the “bottom” together for an ass-kicking brass section. Hearing it again reminded me of a line I had read some years ago questioning the curious title of the song and considering whether Mr. Collins would say that he made the record “Sussudio” in a “Stu-stu-dio.” It mad me laugh then, and curiously, it made me laugh now. It’s one of those lines I wish that I would have written.

Anyway, for those of you who care about such things, it would appear that “Sussudio” was intended to be an “older woman’s” name, but it traces its origins to the name of Phil Collins’ daughter’s horse** That, of course, begs the question of how did the Collins child come upon the name “Sussudio.”

I freely admit that thinking about this sort of stuff is not very deep, but I figure that we all already have more than our fair share of “deep” to contend with elsewhere, no?

**The above “facts” are based upon readers’ contributions to this site, so I cannot vouch for their accuracy.

Time Waster.

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Check out the Bear Pyramid. Just pass your cursor over the bears. No need to click. Pretty amazing.

Thanks to my friend Brian, the Air Force Vet and sender of cool stuff.

Host Trubs.

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Craig, at mtpolitics, has been having intermittent host problems. Because a while back Craig was kind enough to drag this site from the perils of BlogSpot and give it a friendly home, I may also occasionally have a problem or two connecting. Last night the outage gave me a righteous excuse for not posting, which was more than OK, becauseit the only thing I would have written was one of those sorry-ass “I have nothing to say” posts.


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