May 15, 2004

Port Newark, Bada-Bing, Cloning, and the Vatican.

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Peggy Noonan, who went to high school and college in New Jersey, covers the above seemingly inconcongruous topics and more in this piece, which points out why some of us who live in this part of Jersey are just a bit more frightened about terrorism than folks who live elsewhere.

Via Roberto at DynamoBuzz, an excellent Jersey Blog

TJ and Fun with Fruit.

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TJ, husband and his mom came by for a visit and bar-b-cue. She brought this along to nibble on. She provides instructions for putting together this tasty unit here. I figure that she has her eye on Martha Stewart’s gig, knowing that Martha may soon be MIA for a while.

It was delicious, and it went particularly well with champagne. We’re veddy civilized here at the House by the Parkway.

Satisfied Customer.

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I installed the Google Toolbar (which means that the installation is really, really easy), and so far the score is:

Google toolbar: 41
Pop-ups: 0

It’s great. You can actually see the pop-ups being zapped. Sort of like watching bugs fly into a zapper.

Oh, and it is indeed very handy when in the middle of writing something, you want to do a quick search. It is right there, and you can set it to open a new window for the search.

I’m doing a little happy dance now (not a pretty picture).

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