January 9, 2005

Fish Head Music.

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Radiators.jpgIn the previous post, I noted that, unlike most Garden Staters, I have a fondness for country music. The fact is that I like all sorts of music, except, of course, rap, which is not music, or the techno “club” crap that one often hears in overcrowded, overpriced meat markets night clubs in the Jersey-New York area. I have been flattened by live music ranging from Rolling Stones concerts to a Drum and Bugle competition (which, frankly, came as a surprise to me). Hell, when I was in Helen Georgia, there was a guy on the main street playing the zither. I hung around for about a half hour listening and wound up buying a couple of his CDs. (Turns out that his name is Toni Noichl, and if you noodle around in Google, it is obvious that he is a big-time zither player.)

Anyway, one other type of decidedly non-Jersey music that I like is “Fish Head Music,” which has been played for twenty-five years by the New Orleans-based band, The Radiators. It is quite impossible to simply describe the Radiators’ sound, which is often marked by unusual rhythms and non-traditional blues licks. They rock! While every band member is an amazing musician, to me the standout is guitarist Camile Baudoin (No names like that in Jersey). When I saw the band in concert several years ago, I was stupefied by Camile Baudoin’s mastery of the guitar.

These guys have been playing together for twenty-five years, and it shows. You might want to check on the band’s home page for concert dates, and if they are playing in your area (probably a snap for Christina, Dash, and Dale), buy a ticket (they’re not expensive) and go listen to some Fish Head Music. I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.

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