January 4, 2005

Our Former Governor – A Comeback?

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The New York Times reports that former New Jersey Governor McGreevey spends most mornings taking long walks in Rahway, the town where he as taken a “luxury” two-bedroom apartment. He also finds time most days to visit with his father and work on some real estate deals at the law firm of State Senator Raymond Lesniak, a longtime McGreevey apologist supporter, where he has been employed since December.*

Based on the foregoing, one might conclude that Mr. McGreevey has resigned himself to living a quiet life as a private citizen.

No such luck.

The Times article also notes that our former governor has had several meetings with the head of a Manhattan public relations agency about re-entering public life. In addition, he has mentioned to friends the possibility of writing a book.

Be still my farookin’ heart.

While in office, Mr. McGreevey squandered taxpayers’ money on personal expenses and accepted a fully-paid luxury trip to Puerto Rico courtesy of a mobbed-up union boss. He surrounded himself with crooks, and appointed his supremely unqualified boyfriend to head the state’s Office of Homeland Security, and then raised his boyfriend’s salary twice.

Despite all that, he would still be in office if the same boyfriend hadn’t threatened to sue him for sexual harassment, which led to Mr. McGreevey’s announcing his resignatio. Even then, he thumbed his nose at New Jersey’s voters by delaying his actual departure from the Governor’s office long enough to prevent the people of New Jersey from actually getting to vote on his replacement in a special election.

He was an utter disgrace as governor, and now he has the stones to consider returning to public life?

My advice to Mr. McGreevey is that he shouldn’t press his luck. Rather, he should continue to take those long walks, and he should use that time to reflect on how lucky he is to have avoided going to prison.

* Note: It was widely reported in the New Jersey media and here as early as October of last year that Mr. McGreevey had accepted a position in Raymond Lesniak’s law firm. He denied it back then. Not surprisingly, his denial turned out to be just another heaping tablespoon of bullshit.

Bitterman’s Excellent Adventures.

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Everyone’s pal, bitterman, of the Smoking Toaster, went home for a visit during the holidays and now delivers unto us a couple trip-related gems:
Bitterman at the airport (This one made me laugh).
Bitterman eats Rocky (This one damned near made me hurl).

I get a kick out of bitterman.

Balm, Gilead, Junkies, Cheap Smokes and Bacon.

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Have I ever mentioned that daughter TJ knows her way around a stage and is also an ass-kicking singer? In fact, one of her two majors in college (that would be the school that regularly sent me tuition bills in amounts that approximated the size of the gross national product of a small European country) was “Theater.” She writes, amusingly methinks, about her experience in one of the many college productions in which she appeared, and her post ties the seemingly disparate elements of the title of this post together.

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