January 30, 2005

Jon Corzine – King of the Jersey Political Swamp.

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Richard Codey, New Jersey’s Acting Governor (having replaced Governor Jim McGreevey following his “resignation” and long-delayed actual departure) has announced that he will not seek election in November for a full term as Governor.

Why did Richard Codey decide not to run?

It wasn’t because he did not want to be Governor. He would like to be Governor.

It wasn’t because he did not have the ability to be Governor, because he has demonstrated that he is qualified for the job.

It wasn’t because he is unpopular, because, a recent poll shows him to be quite popular.

It wasn’t because he is a louse with a big ego and an even bigger personal agenda, because, by all accounts, Richard Codey is a good and decent man, who apparently has brought a modicum of stability to the mess that Governor McGreevey left behind.

It wasn’t because his family didn’t want him to run, because the majority of his family did want him to run.

No, it wasn’t any of those things.

Richard Codey decided not to run, because he can’t afford it.

Governor Codey conceded that there is no way that he could raise enough money between now and the June democrat primary to defeat New Jersey’s Do-Nothing U.S. Senator Jon Corzine, who has done nothing to advance his qualifications for the Governor’s job other than to say he wants it.

It is estimated that Codey would have to raise $10 million by June in order to be competitive in the primary and, even then, he would likely be outspent by four to one by Jon Corzine. Corzine, as you will recall, spent $63 million of his own money to win his U.S. Senate Seat in 2000, and he has indicated that he would be funding the primary campaign against Codey.

For the last two weeks, Senator Corzine has been wooing state and county democrat party leaders, no doubt reminding them that, over the last three years, he has donated $1.1 million to county and state democrat organizations. It is not too great a stretch to imagine that he promised them that, in exchange for their support, there would be more money on the way.

Jon Corzine, who had bought himself a Senate seat, apparently has become bored with being having only one vote in a club (exclusive though it may be) with one hundred members. Having done virtually nothing for the State of New Jersey while in the Senate, like a petulant, rich brat, he now wants a new toy – the governorship, and it’s his for the buying.

Dick Codey never had a chance.

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