January 11, 2005

Groovy, Baby!

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Jeff at Side Salad has posted pictures of a recent Austin Powers-themed party. When I first saw the pictures, my age sneaked up on me as it took me a moment to realize that the women were in “costume.” Hell, I thought they looked great!

I recall feeling somewhat the same way when I saw the movie Austin Powers. I thought most of the characters in the movie looked … well … normal. That’s not all that surprising for one who actually once owned clothes that looked like some of the stuff in the movie. I remember having a pair of gray and pink vertical striped, bell-bottom jeans that I proudly wore and considered myself to be the cat’s ass.

The band I was playing with back then wore various loud, multi-colored, patterned polyester shirts with bell-bottom slacks held up by wide belts with big buckles. Footwear consisted of leather boots with zippers on the sides. In addition, it was obligatory that hair covered one’s ears.

Truth is, we were the cat’s ass back then, even though now we might think we looked more like horse’s asses.

I sure wish I could have attended Jeff’s shindig. It looks like it was… well … groovy.

I would have fit right in, Baby.

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