January 20, 2005

Slash and Thrust.

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I was doing a bit of net surfing, and I came across a site that has Eric’s name written all over it.

I give you……..

Babes with Blades.

Via The Presurfer

Nice Work, If You Can Get It.

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I would like all of you who make a living by working for an employer to consider the following:

Suppose you decided that you would run as the candidate of one of the major political parties for a significant elective office, such as, for example, the job of governor of the state of New Jersey. Let’s further suppose that your run for governor might well entail a primary campaign and that the two campaigns could well occupy virtually all of your time for the next eleven months.

Let’s also suppose that you asked a co-worker to head up your campaign, or campaigns, as the case may be, which role might well occupy virtually all of your co-worker’s time for the next eleven months, and that your co-worker agreed to do so.

OK, so the two of you go to your boss and explain that neither of you will be showing up for work very often over the next eleven months, because you will both be busy with the campaign(s).

There can be absolutely no doubt that your employer would explain that you are being paid by your employer to do your job, and that, while public service may be a laudable goal, he has no intention of paying you to be absent for the next eleven months.

Both of you would be shown the door.

Of course, that won’t happen if you and your co-worker work as the two US Senators from New Jersey. Senator Corzine will do little else between now and November other than campaign for the governorship. Our other Senator, Frank Lautenberg, will do little else between now and November other than run Senator Corzine’s campaign. And, neither of them will lose his job.

The only losers are the citizens of New Jersey who will effectively be without representation in the US Senate for the next eleven months.

On second thought, maybe it’s a good thing that these two birds won’t be showing up much for their regular “jobs,” because nothing they do in the Senate is worth a damn anyway.

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