June 2, 2005

Blog Western – Chapter 7.

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Velociman has delivered the final chapter of the Blog Western, and has provided us all with a writing lesson. Can this be the same guy who can be amused for inordinate lengths of time by a toy monkey that plays the cymbals?

Whence Cometh the Bloggers?

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I saw this at Cousin Jack’s place. Funny stuff. If the Blogoshpere existed back then, Cliff Clavin would have had a wireless connection.

Waste a Bit of Time with Virtual Drums.

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Ever want to sit behind a bigass set of drums?

Here’s your chance to do just that with a virtual drum set and raise a bit of hell.

Via J-Walk Blog, where you can also find two more fun, interactive cyberprecussion things.

Pat Sajak.

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Who knew?

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