June 1, 2005


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I just watched the Eagles on NBC.

Memo to the Boys and Girls Who Want to Start a Band:

If you want to start a band and really make instrumental and vocal music rather than just slamming away on a G Chord with the volume pumped up to 10 and running full distortion, study the Eagles.

They do it just exactly right.

Damned Shame.

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I was bummed out to learn that my friend Craig at mtpolitics is closing up shop. Back when I was first stumbling around the Blogosphere, Craig and I bumped into each other, probably via Rita’s Site. We quickly became readers of one another’s blogs and, before long, we were regularly exchanging e-mails and the occasional phone call. He really is a great guy.

In fact, I have often referred to Craig as “The Nicest Guy in the Blogosphere,” and for good reason. Craig was the one who pestered me to get off BlogSpot and then did all the heavy lifting to move this site from BlogSpot over to Movable Type. He got everything just right and then handed me the keys to the place. Thereafter, he patiently and calmly answered scores of my dumbass questions, most often posed while in a confused and agitated state. He still is my “go to” guy on those many occasions when my techno-stupidity gets the better of me, and he always seems to have a few minutes to deal with the Nut from Joisey.

Craig’s reasons for hanging it up are his own, and I respect them.

But, like I said – It’s a damned shame.

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