June 7, 2005

Slow Down … You Move Too Fast.

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How often have you had the feeling that everything in life is moving too damned fast? Too many things to think about? Too many things to do?

Slow down!!!


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That was my voter number in my voting district today in New Jersey’s primary election for Governor. When I finally voted (Unfortunately, I was the “on-the-job training case” for the “poll ladies”), the polls had already been open for 45 minutes.

Given that Corzine is running unopposed in the Democrat primary, it is logical to assume that whatever turnout there is will be mainly made up of Republicans. In my voting district, all the Republicans would probably fit in a phone booth. My guess is that the poll ladies got to spend a good deal of time chatting and eating donuts today.

So, in short order (the polls close at 8PM), we should know which candidate will face Jon Corzine (the “Jersey Zilch”) in November. I wish I could get stoked about a possible Republican victory in the general election, but for too many years I have seen the Democrat Machine crush Republicans in this state. The political system is simply rotten to the core.

Maybe this year will be different. Hope springs eternal.

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