June 17, 2005

Patron of Da Arts. (Updated)

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I will be headed to the theater tonight to see this. Frankly, I am more in the mood for, as the theater critics say, “a sidesplitting comedic tour de force,” but this clearly isn’t that.

The good news is that I rarely see a bad show at the Paper Mill Playhouse, and cocktails are sold in the lobby.

UPDATE: The show was excellent. With one simple set and virtually no props other than some chairs and a prop piano, the production money could be spent on a large and talented cast. The music and the vocal performances were great, particularly the ensemble numbers. There were even a few light moments and a laugh or two tucked into this otherwise serious storyline. Best of all, however, was the performance of Rachel York, who played the Mother. She has a beautiful voice that covers an amazing range, and she played hell out of the part.

My only criticism is that the first act was a tad too long (ninety minutes). Some people were hustling to the rest rooms during the intermission.

I recommend seeing it, but be sure to visit the rest room before the curtain goes up.

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