June 15, 2005

I Get an “F” in Proofreading.

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Only today, after what must be a year and a half or more and hundreds of clicks, did I notice that Eric’s site appeared on my Blogroll as “Straignt White Guy”.

I think I may be the world’s worst proofreader. When I was a judicial clerk, part of the job was to proofread the judge’s opinions before they went to the publisher. One clerk would read while the other followed. I was a bad reader (I read right through mistakes) and I was even a worse follower. The only way we would be sure to catch all the typos was to read the opinion backwards calling out every punctuation mark and every capital letter and every word. It was not fun, but it worked.

There is no way that I’m reading my posts backward, so please forgive me for the occasional typo. I think it’s a question of brain wiring.

Still, in a year and a half, I should have noticed that Eric is not the “Straignt White Guy.” Yep, brain wiring.

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