October 11, 2005

Those Big Inflatable Things.

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To: The People Who Put Those Big, Inflatable, White Halloween Ghost Things on their Lawns

From: The Sweaty Guy Who Walks Past Your House Most Days

Subject: Those Big, Inflatable, White Halloween Ghost Things

In the morning, when those things always seem to be deflated and covered with morning dew, they look like giant used condoms.

cc: The People Considering Putting One of Those Big, Inflatable Snowman Things on their Lawns for Christmas

Corzine on the Campaign Trail No. 2.

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Mr. Corzine has been campaigning for Governor ever since Acting Governor Codey was blown out of the race by Corzine’s money decided not to run. We recently spotted Mr. Corzine on Broad Street in Newark greeting passers-by on their way to work in the morning, much as he was when we saw him in February. Here’s what our PRS Operative on the scene heard:

Corzine: “Good morning, sir. I’m Jon Corzine, and I’m running for governor. I’d like you to vote for me in November.”

Guy: “Why?”



Corzine: “Well, Bush supports Doug Forrester, and why would you want to vote for someone Bush supports?”

Guy: “Do you think that Robert Torricelli and Jim McGreevey will vote for you in November?”

Corzine: “Yes. I’m confident of that.”

Guy: “And wasn’t Bill Clinton recently in New Jersey supporting you?”

Corzine: “Yeah. So?”

Guy: “You gotta be shittin’ me.”

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