October 15, 2005

The Leaking Roof, the Flaming Socket and Da Sun.

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It seems that a couple spots on the roof of The House by the Parkway could not handle eight or nine days of straight rain and consequently leaked. What a thrill. Time to call the Roof Guy, whose dance card is doubtless full this week.

As if the leak were not bad enough, it found its way to an electric socket upstairs and smoked it. Thankfully, the short triggered the circuit breaker. By some miracle, the curtains had been taken down the day before. Otherwise, I would be referring to the place as “The Pile of Smouldering Ruins by the Parkway.” Of course, this means that there are no lights upstairs.

For the hell of it, I went downstairs a few minutes ago and gave the circuit breaker a flip, thinking that perhaps the socket dried out and we could at least have lights upstairs. BAD IDEA! Mrs. Parkway freaked when a flame shot out of the socket. Time for Mr. Electrician. So, until Monday, it’s flashlights upstairs.

As annoying as all this is, I know that other people in Jersey are having much bigger problems as a result of the recent deluge.

There is, however, some good news. The farookin’ SUN appeared today. I was beginning to think that it was on a poimanent vacation.

Great News.

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Sgt. Hook is back!

I, for one, have sorely missed having this outstanding soldier, great American and master wordsmith around.

Welcome back, Sarge.

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