October 18, 2005

What I Need….

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I came across this meme at A Secular Franciscan Life. I had fun with it. All you need do is run a google search for “[Your first name] needs”. The results are quite comical, and, as a bonus, they constitute passable blog fodder. Here’s what I found:

Jimbo needs a house.
Well, one by the ocean would be swell.

Jimbo needs a new outfit for his new role, something involving one of those there corsets he’s so keen on.
I think I’d look good in something lacey — in shocking pink, of course.

Jimbo needs some kind of Lynn Peak patch for his pack.
That would be a six pack, I presume.

Jimbo needs to be placed in a home with some one who would be willing to spend some time with him.
Tough selling job there.

Jimbo needs a shrink.
You must be out of your mind.

Jimbo needs more than one!
Cocktails, I presume.

Jimbo needs a hug.

Jimbo needs a new mukluk hat.
No thanks. Those mukluk things are hell on great farookin’ hair.

Jimbo needs to get laid.
Oh, my!

Jimbo needs to calm down and be a peaceable community member.
It’s tough, when you live in a Blue State.

Jimbo needs to take himself and his “lust in his heart” back home to the peanut farm.
Yo! Definitely got the wrong Jimbo there.

Jimbo needs to go crawl back into his slimy little crowded GOP Hole.
See what I mean about living in a Blue State?

Jimbo needs help.
Someone who knows HTML and Style Sheet Stuff might be nice.

Jimbo needs to see the dentist.
I go regularly, thank you, for the care of my many crowns.

Jimbo needs to find a backer for this project toot-sweet!
No, maybe he needs to see a dentist, after all, for that sweet toot. What?

Jimbo needs a roomie.
Got one already, thanks.

Jimbo needs to “get liberated”.
Perhaps I shall burn my bra.

Jimbo needs to mow the lawn.
Jimbo has a Lawn Guy.

Jimbo needs to relax a little.
But what about my blog?

Jimbo needs a nap.
But what about my blog?

Jimbo needs a donut!
Like a hole in the head.

Jimbo needs her to give him a spanky!
”Spankies” really don’t do it for me. Got any boozy?

Jimbo needs to get his facts straight.
So does the New York Times.

Jimbo needs to calm down and apologise to Worthy.
Worthy, old chap, I’m sorry. Happy now?

Jimbo needs to stop listening to his dog.
He’s boring, anyway. He only wants to talk about calculus.

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