November 3, 2005

One Tough Arkie.

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Deer.jpgOK, so you’re home one night, and you hear a bit of a ruckus in one of the bedrooms of the house. You investigate, only to find that a five point whitetail deer crashed through the bedroom window, and, from there, it dashed into another bedroom and began hopping back and forth across the bed.

What do you do?

Well, here’s what Wayne Goldsberry of Bentonville, Arkansas, did. He left the deer alone in the room long enough to tell his wife to call the police. Then, instead of waiting for the police to show up, he returned to the room, empty-handed to kick the deer’s ass!

After about 40 minutes of mano a deero combat, he emerged from the room, somewhat bloodied after having managed to kill the deer with his bare hands by breaking its neck. His next stop was to have the deer butchered and stick the dismembered body in the freezer for future grub.

I have a question and an observation:

The question: Where were the farookin’ cops?

The observation: This must be the only guy in Arkansas without a gun.

Thanks to my buddy Mike from New Jersey.

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